Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fire & Holy Presence

The last gratitude post I wrote was this, the day before a roaring fireball raged into our city and burned 346 homes, killed 2 people and chased 10s of thousands people running from their homes and the fire.  That was a very difficult week, but continually there was evidence of mercy, grace and strength flowing from the Lord.

As afraid as I was when I saw the orange smoke out my kitchen window, and heard the live newscast blurt out that a wall of fire had descended in 65mph wind upon where the firemen were standing guard, the sweetness of God promises came to mind and we sank to our knees to pray.

Can you imagine just how grateful I was in the following hours as the news poured in, the fire spread and the evacuation areas grew closer and closer, that my dear sister in law was here visiting?  What a tremendous gift it was to have her here, to not be alone with my children, with my Beloved 1800 miles to the north.

The gift finding never slowed, even as the smoke burned our eyes and children were kept in the basement to play, gifts were sprinkled throughout the moments, proof of the Father's constant presence.

gifts 1087-1119

Little “voices” in the bird house, again
Cousins all over the place
Prayer in the park
Fresh air
Fire becoming contained
No need to evacuate
No asthma reaction
Friends rallying around a family of friends who have lost their home and all of their belongings
Backyard camping
Hot dogs & smores over the grill
Tiny pumpkin on the little vine this morning
A row of sunflower seedlings
Grapes on the vine
A cool house this morning
Car pool friends
Refreshing sleep
Encouraging swim instructor
Muscle cramps a bedtime ~ means I’m doing something right
VBS is soon
12 yo girl giggles
Butterflies in the garden again
RAIN!  Steady gentle rain
Fresh Carrots
Ducks swimming in their “pond”
Sleepy children
Refreshing swim
Cool temperatures and rain!
Forecast for more cool temperatures and rain
Big thunder and steady rain during dinner
Girl who gives up her spending money in hope for something far greater
Neighbor girl who wants to see why we seem happy

yes, all is grace.

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  1. As a sister here in Colorado Springs, I pray for God's blessing on you and your family as your husband is away. God is Good...all the time. Thanks for sharing.


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