Monday, June 25, 2012

Whether God does, or doesn't, I will praise Him

It has been a bit of a struggle this past week, to sort through my "failures" to seek what is failure, sin, poor time management, and what is just the stuff of life.  When routine gets knocked to the side in favor of fellowship with my traveler husband and preparations for house guests it seems that counting the gifts, recording where I look for and find the graces my Father leaves all around drops off.

And the heart changes are obvious.  Recording the gifts is oxygen to my joy.  When the gifts aren't recorded, they wander out of thought, and the joy gets snuffed out.

As the fire burns right there in our mountains, the smoke smell strong in our yard, the smoke itself dimming the light of the moon, I wake up the computer and start recording, because whether the LORD sends the rain we are pleading for, or doesn't, I will praise Him.  I will record the graces of my Father and remember His faithful love.

Here are the graces I've looked for, gathered up and jotted right down:

gifts 1065-1086

my husband leading this family
working in the kitchen with a sweet daughter friend
magpie chasing a squirrel down the fence line
fresh eggs for my children
clean water
evening walks
herons, ducks, geese and beavers all in the middle of the city
a fresh new fawn with his momma doe
children purging movies from the shelves
sharing how I found joy, and how I keep joy (by giving thanks) with a precious girl
 seeing how sharing “failure” defuses condemnation and produces life lessons and grace

the fragrance of my birthday petunias while watering pumpkins & squash
prayers for our community during the service, whether God sends rain on the fire or not, we will praise Him and look for what He is doing.
Spunky elderly friends
Learning a bit about my family heritage from the Scottish evangelist speaking at services this week
Origami art for my birthday
Treasures from my granny
Ice cream with daughters
Pumpkins, squash and sunflowers growing, hope for the fall celebration

with joy,
because all is grace

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