Monday, June 25, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire

Ten years ago our state faced a similar situation with fires burning all over the state, but I don't remember any of them being the threat that the current fires are posting.  The fire in Northern Colorado has destroyed almost 300 homes, another fire in Estes Park may have destroyed homes/national park building (I'm not sure on this).

Saturday, afternoon, June 23 Mae and I were driving home on I25 when we saw the first smoke plume and read the highway board ... Fire in Waldo Canyon, Do Not Call 911, Emergency Services have been dispatched.  It was a large plume of smoke shooting straight up.  Over the next few hours we saw the glow of fire and smoke, so much smoke.

And while our family, our home is not in any danger except from the poor air quality, the concern and grief is deep. Here are some of the photos and video I have taken during the first 30 hours of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

from our backyard on June 23 an hour or so after we first saw the plume of smoke

Evening of June 23

Sunset June 24 over the fire area

Sunset June 24, a little aways from the fire

After dark from Portal Park.  The fire was clearly visible until it seemed to quiet to the other side of the ridge

We are praying and we are depending upon the steadfast faithfulness of the Lord in this time.  To keep our firefighters safe, to keep the people, animals and building safe, and to show Himself to any who will choose to see.

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