Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer of 7 - Week 1 Possessions

Day #1 ~ actually 11 items, but I didn't want to put anything back.

Day 2 brings me a little revelation ~ this purging of 7 items per day is bringing relief to my soul, clearing clutter not only from my home, but from my mind.  I know that Jen wrote in her book that she purposely gave to specific individuals, but for me, just taking the step to actually remove these things from my home is freeing me in several ways.  Some items from each day are leaving with others in mind.  Other items will go into our donation box to be dropped off later this week.

Day 2 Pictured here are "date coupons", unit studies & lapbook printouts, flashcards, picture books, scheduling charts and a random doll hat.

Day 3 & 4 ~ These two days washed over me and any further purging of 7 didn't happen.  Other LIFE, good LIFE things did.  And I wrestled through to okay.

But day 5, that day was different.  As I thought about things to pull and pass on, I came across a "project tub" a tub full of unfinished projects.  Instead of looking for more to pass on, I pulled out 3 projects to finish.  Two skirts, one dress that need a little, or a lot, more work and they are finished.  Less in the unfinished tub, more to to use wisely, or pass on generously.

And as I am volunteering at a Compassion International booth for much of today, I don't know if I will dig deeper in the closets or if I'll play a game of skipbo with my daughters and do a little sewing.  Either way, I will continue to seek the Lord in this Summer of 7, in quietness and without stress, knowing that what we are hoping for is to hear from HIM.

Next week is week 2, Media Fast.  I am really nervous about this one, as it is one where I believe I will have to look the hardest at how I spend my time, where my priorities are.  It is also one of the ones my kids will have to join in.  Ipods will be turned off, stashed in the drawer with mine.  It's not ironed out yet, about email but it will be in the next couple of days.

But for now, this blog will grow quiet and I am very sure that in the internet world of WORDS the only big deal about By Quiet Waters being quiet, is the voice that will be heard off line.

See you in a week or so...

with joy!

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  1. So glad you are on the journey! I haven't conquered possessions week yet. Food week was challenging and I was left feeling that clothes week would be a breeze. NOT!!! Blessings for your journey.


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