Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer of 7 ~ Escaping the Machine of Excess

Reading the book earlier this year and I felt a nudge.  As time has gone, I've really thought about doing the 7 fast, adapting it to my life and circumstances.  But 7 months,  a commitment too big to  make in this season of life.  So when I saw that a community is doing it for 7 weeks, I jumped in.  Seven weeks is doable (I get distracted way too easily these days), and there is community to fellowship with.

And as I do this, sweet Mae has the book to read and think about it.  Approaching thirteen this summer, she is bombarded with the consumerism me culture.  It is my hope that reading this book will give her more tools to resist conformation to this world and increase her desire to seek transformation through the renewing of her mind.

Now as I prayed about the fast and what the Lord wants of me, this summer of 7 has taken a different turn.  So there is a schedule for the summer of 7, but there is one thing He has asked me to pursue, and that will be my primary focus.
Without further ado, here is the schedule for my summer of 7, strategically planned around the arrival of a Chinese exchange student, Builder's rotation weeks where he will be home and the wedding in the middle of June (I don't want to choose 5 pieces of my 7 piece allotment for that day!).  A schedule that is in place to give some framework, but will flex according to the One Thing.

June 4-10 ~ possessions ~ give away 7 items a day, for 7 days to specific people
June 11-17 ~ 7 day media fast, with the except of email, banking

June 18-24 ~  food ~ We will only prepare and eat staple foods our sponsored children in Guatemala, Honduras and Tanzania might have available. That saves my morning coffee, but not my dark chocolate almond milk creamer...
June 25-July 1 ~ no spending except fuel, if needed

July 2-8 ~ waste ~ a week to learn how to better compost, to seek ways to conserve energy & water, and buy only local produce

July 9-15 ~ 7 articles of clothing (not including under garments, gee nor swim suit)
July 16-22 ~ stress ~  I will plan a Sabbath evening welcome as well as a Sabbath end meal.

If you are jumping in this summer, making space to hear God speak you can join in here.


  1. love that you are joining us! and i, too, am engaging teens in my household. i'm excited to see what the Lord might want to show them.

  2. Welcome to a crazy summer of 7 with a bunch of crazy gals. May we learn from each other as our hearts are mutinized!


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