Monday, May 21, 2012

The Gifts are Never Ending

So many thoughts crowd my mind.  Worries seem to crowd the evidence of grace that sprinkles light on this hard rocky path that sometimes seems overgrown with thistles.  But in His word I find the strength to keep looking for the gifts.  Instead of sharing the worries, fears, I will count the gifts as I find them each moment.

counting the gifts # 1001 - 1026
A Pretty Swan Lake Villager
All day soaking slurpy rain
Curious chickens around my feet as I work
Mourning doves nesting in the spruce tree
Pikes Peak peeking through the clouds in the early morning, more snow!
Safe travel
Crickets at night
Soft clucking from chickens resting in the shade
Reminder ~ relationships
Goals make decisions easier
Helpful daughters
Home safe
A friend who just gives me a short hug while I cry my grief
Cousins from ages 6 to 16 who delight in one another
A zoo trip that met the interests of everyone
Sweetest of mother’s day emails from Beloved
 A new Compassion child in our family!  Chica’s correspondence child
 Routine & special weekend events helps me not be sucked into the grey cloud of grief
Sweet fellowship with my Lord in the morning
Watching the birds in the pinion tree, what a gift this tree is

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  1. You were my neighbor on Ann's linkup today. The blessings always far outweigh the worries, don't they? He's so good. Praying He drenches you with grace today!


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