Monday, May 7, 2012

The 1000th Gift

"...As I thought of each thing I was grateful for, ten more things would come to mind.  Grateful thoughts are like rabbits; they multiply like crazy.  ...I felt like I could have sat there for another four hours and not run out of things to be grateful for."  Scott MacIntyre, By Faith, Not by Sight

Over the weekend I reached 1000.  And that 1000th gift?  The realization that by counting the gifts, the easy, the delightful, and the hard eucharisteo that I have gained hope for the future.  Over the last 2 years or so of laying down the rails of thanks giving, I've adopted a habit that keeps counting on the hard days, on the days too full or so it seems, to write them down, but my mind keeps giving thanks.

There is the change in my thinking as the quiet habit of giving thanks reminds me to look deeper for the hard eucharisteo, the painful place where the Spirit works deeper.

"though...didn't seem like a praiseworthy thing in the moment, I had to consider that perhaps in hindsight, as some later date, I would find a deeper appreciation for my current circumstances.  And if I knew that was a possibility for the future, I had to admit it was possible to be thankful in the moment."  Scott MacIntyre

Here they are, all the way to 1000
no words needed
The much anticipated packet arrived
Butterflies in the yard
Time to talk in the morning, knowing the call
Baby ducks and sweet “big” girls
Yellow butterfly darting around the new life
Laughing cousin
Family walks after dinner
Gardening experiments
Growing onions
Stacks of books
Good friends, young ones, older ones, all of them
Text messaging, sometimes very helpful
Warm welcome
Peace during trial
Understanding husband
Birthday celebrations
 Afternoon nap time
Funny jokes
Kind neighbors
Healthy children

1000.  A hope for the future
I encourage you to start counting, if you haven't already.  There is a world full of gifts out there for you to realize!

giving thanks for another beautiful cook in the family!

eager helping hands, cheerful workers

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