Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amazima Ministries International: Farming God's Way

As a small scale backyard gardener, chicken & duck egg gatherer, this caught my attention...
There are three pillars to the Farming God's Way methodology:
1. Management
Do everything on time
Do everything to a high standard
Do everything with minimal wastage

2. Technology
No plowing

100% mulch covers (referred to as God's Blanket)
Practice crop rotation

3. Biblical

Acknowledge God and God alone
Consider your ways
Understanding God's all-sufficiency

What you sow, you shall reap
Bring tithes and offerings to God
Stake your claim
Please, click the link below and read more.  The work Katie is doing in Uganda is rich, beautiful and inspiring.

Amazima Ministries International: Farming God's Way: Earlier this year, Amazima had the opportunity to host a very unique training seminar at our land in Buziika called Farming God's Way...

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