Monday, April 2, 2012

Child Sponsorship and 2 Giveaways!

As a mom, I want all children to have access to the necessities of life, just like my own kids do.  I can’t imagine not being able to get my daughters the medication they need when strep makes it’s ugly self known, or clean cool water when they are thirsty.  Nor can I imagine life without Jesus to comfort them when the deep ugliness of this sin wrecked world brushes by, or when our own sin wrecked words sting.

Yet, so many mothers just don’t have access to medication, clean cool water, adequate shelter nor the knowledge of Christ’s love and redemption.  Living in poverty withholds the basic needs, stripping away dignity, hope, even life.

Our family sponsors children in Guatemala, and in all the ways this opportunity touches our lives, the way that might mean the most to me is to think that Lesbia’s mother, and Bryan’s mother are not alone in the fight against darkness, against the claws that seek to pull young ones away.  These mothers are not alone in their hopes for their children.  I've joined their team. 
Beautiful Lesbia
the Guapo Bryan

I’ve joined the "mom" team, to pray for these precious young ones, to offer words of hope and encouragement to do what is right and good in the letters that I write each month.  And that $38 a month we send for each of these children?  It does far more for each of those children and their families than it could for me if I stuck it in my pocket.

How would you like to join the team?  To sponsor a child, even?  To give $38 a month to provide

  • Food and clean water
  • Medical care
  • Educational opportunities
  • Important life-skills training
  • Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

That’s just what your money will cover.  Your prayers and letters full of words of hope and encouragement can tell the child how precious and loved she/he is.  And your act of sponsorship will tell a mom and dad, or a single mom or dad that they are not alone in their hope and fight for a life above poverty for this child.

Really, this just amazes me.  Here we are, able to offer hope to a mom, a child, a family far away, hope that can help them rise above the grip of poverty.

If you are interested, here are children who are waiting for sponsors in the Compassion Program.

And just until 9:59 AM PST next Monday, April 9, if you sponsor a child, Sevenly will give you a free tshirt! 

You must sponsor through this link for the tshirt offer.

Now are you still with me?

If sponsorship is not for you today, Sevenly has another opportunity for you to make a difference in the fight against poverty.

Buy a tshirt and Sevenly will donate $7.00 to provide a life-saving mosquito net to children in Rwanda.

And if you have read this far,
please leave me a comment. 

I will enter your name into a drawing for

a book by Compassion International President, Wess Stafford.

These giveaways end next Monday at 9:59 AM PST.

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