Monday, April 9, 2012

Always Thanks to be Given

This practice of Eucharisteo has become a habit, that even while in bed with fever and pain the gifts run through my mind.  What greater gift can a practice give?

It was a sad pondering the week following, as I tried to make up for a lost week with hurried busy work, when I struggled to find even one gift in the day.  There I find a nugget of truth.  Gratitude is more easily found in the quietness of a spirit that seeks rest in the Holy Spirit, , even on a busy day.

Gifts given while marme is sick in bed with fever and pain… through #925

popsicles which lowered the internal heat
Sweet girl who read me to sleep and sat with me a long while
Husband who tended to me, knowing just how I felt, as it is the virus he just suffered through
Children who want to love on me and be close, even as I protested, I didn’t want to share the sickness
 Soft blankets
Rice cuddlers on my aching knees and ankles
Cold water
Warm tea
Allergy meds and antibiotics to deal with the “other” symptoms
No sore throat!
Two soft stuffed animals tucked in with me by my sweet youngest, which I did wake and find myself holding
Quiet days to be home to recover
Audio books to listen while I rest

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