Friday, March 2, 2012

This Moment

{this moment} - Tucked in here most Fridays, photos from an ordinary, or not so ordinary, moment from the week. A moment I want to linger on, press into, and offer thanks for..


Petal Rose's 11th Birthday...and i had the honor of whisking her away for an hour, for a cup of coffee, for some time to share some wisdom with her...and i heard a little whisper "let her talk"  and i did.

Sweet joy, to hear the thoughts and ideas and hopes that rest deep in the heart of our precious Petal Rose.  A very fine thing.

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  1. What a special treat and how wise you are to provide opportunities where you can listen. Lucky little lady to have a mama that is so smart and intuitive. Great capture and a good reminder.

    Here is my moment:


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