Monday, March 12, 2012

Step by Step HE Leads ~ Grace Gifts

The knowledge that it is the LORD leading one's family is a blessing too great to fully process.

counting to #825

  • Time to pray with Builder each morning
  •  Pink light on mountain, showing it staying firmly planted as the wind gusts and howls
  • Reflecting on the 3 little pigs, and knowing our home stands firm in the winds, with the wind wolf outside, because of WHO resides within us.
  • The admonishment to pray for my marriage, starting with my heart
  • The howling, gusting wind left snow when it blew away
  • Chicken soup and hot bread
  • Friendship
  •  Laughter in the morning
  •  Beautiful Claudia, giving us the tour of Compassion International’s offices, pulls the pieces of my heart’s mission together. It is taking shape.
  • Knowing that the LORD has plans for us, to bless us and give us a future, not to harm us.
  • Daddy is home. Makes math so much easier.
  • Discussing the POVERTY WHEEL during morning Bible times. Father open our eyes.

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  1. i am visiting from ann's link up - i am the link right after yours. i especially appreciate this gift: "The admonishment to pray for my marriage, starting with my heart."

    i have done this and then got slack and then felt God urge me to do it again several different cycles of times. it has always paid off greatly to pray for my husband and my marriage bearing great fruit when i am faithful to do it. i pray the same for you!

    my recent post: 10 years


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