Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Heart Surgery for Fatao, a Compassion International Child

This is Fatao, in Burkina Faso, Africa.

When just 1 year old, Fatao was found to have a heart defect, but the prescribed treatment was not an option for Fatao and his parents.  Living in poverty simply swipes away options. 

What would you do if you discovered your baby has a hole in his heart?  Yes, you would call a cardiologist, call your health insurance, call your church.  And what  your child needed would be attended to.  Me too, and I've seen this happen in my community.

The things we can do for our children in the United States, just are not available to parents livng in extreme poverty.

In December 2010 Fatao was registered in his community's local church and he was seen for a health screening and this doctor reccomended that Fatao be seen by a cardiologist.

The cardiologist confirmed that Fatao has ventricular septal defect - a hole in his heart. And now, at 6 years old, Fatao needs heart surgery.  For that surgery he must travel to India. 

When it comes to additional medical assistance like this, for things beyond normal preventative care,  Compassion International church partners have immediate access to $5,000 via a Medical Assistance Fund.  However, when the expenses associated with these special medical needs cost more than $5,000 the child development center requests more money, money which needs to be raised.  Courtesy of Compassion International: http://blog.compassion.com/ventricular-septal-defect-in-children-six-year-old-fatao-needs-heart-surgery/#ixzz1oXBxQOgl

I am writing this week, on the behalf of Fatao and Compassion International.  If you would like to  know more, or keep up to date with this story, here is a link to the Compassion blog post.

If now, you would like to partner with us to raise the funds needed?  You can click the photo above and be taken directly to Compassion International's secure online donation page.

Also, will you join us in praying for Fatao and his family?   That God will
  • provide all that Fatao needs to have heart surgery to repair the hole in his heart
  • be his comfort and strength as he travels to India, without his parents
  • strengthen the faith and peace of his parents while they remain in Burkina Faso to work and care for the rest of their family.
  • and the other ways you are lead to pray
Sharing this post is an easy way to tell others, or through your facebook and twitter accounts.  Will you pass on this story?

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