Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday

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This smile.  The girl behind these eyes, my delightful daughter.
The girl who often just lingers in my presence, not needing or wanting anything, anything more than just my "being there."

Everytime I see that smile, my heart fills with joyful wonder, the wonder of such a gift as being a mother to this sweet girl, and her sweet sisters.  And I pray everyday that I will be a woman of wisdom, understanding and love, in Christ working worthy of the gift given.


  1. children are such a wonderful gift from God. your daughter is beautiful...i feel the same way when i see the smiles of my children

  2. Sounds like you are giving your daughter quite a gift. Love this.

  3. What sweet thanksgiving here. A true gift in this beautiful face!

  4. awe, what a sweet sentiment - and what a darling girl you've got! ;)



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