Saturday, February 18, 2012


017 Valentine making by the light of the cross, for that is where LOVE is found.

Expecting perfection

Desiring a  culture of love in our home

Something I want, and want to give to my children.

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  1. The candle and cross look beautiful. Is this a countdown to Easter? BTW, your bread in the previous post looked wonderful!

    I wanted to answer your questions about book club. (Wish you could just join us!) Sorry I've been slow in replying!

    Michelle - I asked friends with girls that were teens if they were interested in starting a book club. We currently have 4 families - so it doesn't take many! We meet once per month.

    The hostess comes up with the list of questions and leads the discussion. She also provides snacks for afterwards.

    For the books, the first year we met and discussed books and picked them out together for the year. Some books were nixed if one family was not comfortable with it. This year we have chosen and talked about it via emails. Sometimes we'll share books that we think sound interesting and someone else may choose to do that book.

    Does this help? If you have more questions, I'm happy to share!



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