Monday, February 13, 2012

Swiftly Flows the River of Grace

There are those weeks where life sweeps like a swift river, and although it is mostly good, the time to think & write just gets swept into cleaning the broken glass, enjoying the extra hours of fellowship gifted by traveling husbands, kneading the daily bread and wiping tears over lessons in schooling that might not really matter, or do they?  That's a question often in my head.  But still we count, because God is good and has gifted so generous and abundantly.

counting to 764
A goal reached!  15 push ups daily!
A promise made, and the faith to trust and believe
Strong hymns floating up the stairs
 A sweet sempi
Pretty paper waiting to become valentines
Soup in mugs
Artisan bread that is good!
  A quiet productive day
 Laughter over conversation hearts
A surprise today…someone else’s handwriting in my gratitude journal
 Laughter heard today…much more laughter over those conversation hearts
Another surprise…finding out that my sister was blessed by words I spoke, and has shared them with others, who were also blessed.
 The hug when I feel like I’ve failed our children

God is so good.  All the time.  Every time.


  1. Visiting from Ann's! 15 push ups! Are those regular pushups or girl push ups? Awesome either way! - I think I have that same paper in your photo. I love scrapbooking and have a whole wall of paper and supplied. I love keeping this list. It just causes me to stop and think about all the good things.

  2. You made me laugh :) They are girl push ups, but this week I added "real" pushups, and managed 2 of those today. In January when I set these goals, I could only do 5 girl push ups. At our dojo the class I will be in about 3 months does 25 "real" pushups every class...I'm planning to be able to do them the first day!


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