Monday, February 6, 2012

More than can be counted

Petal Rose with Kyoshi Haynes, Mrs. Nance her first Karate instructor and Sensie Nester

The practice of counting gifts has many benefits, one of which is, there is more grace given by our Heavenly Father daily, than we can count.

In the course of a week we celebrated achievements of all the students at our dojo's winter award ceremony, recieved new belt ranks in our classes and enjoyed International Tutu Day, which was celebrated by ballerinas in tutus of all colors and styles. 

We discovered numerous very worn out spots in ballet slippers just a few days before, and were able to purchase new slippers just in time for this fun day.

But these delights, although they kept us busy going from here to there, to there throughout the week, are just a small fraction of the beauty and grace gifts given.

counting to #743
Grace when I overslept
Encouragement when I feel time slipping away
 Lavender facial steam with Petal Rose
  Finishing a great story
 Varying blues in the sky
  A bottom of the freezer meal that was yummy and satisfying
  Painful natural consequences
Grace in the kitchen ~ a quiet helper in the kitchen as we listen to a story
Grace in the weather ~ another sunny warm day, good for walking 
 Grace that might never have been ~ the joy in our home
 Truth revealed. 
 Giving hands
Chicken soup

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