Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a Minute ~ Touching the Life of a Child

Just a Minute, is a new book by Dr. Wess Stafford. In this book he shares stories that back his belief that every time a child crosses paths with us there is the potential for a divine appointment, the opportunity to impact that life in a life giving, or life snuffing way.

As I have read through this book, I have been inspired to give more thought to the life giving words that can be shared more often, on a daily basis. One day, as I was reading, I had to put the book down and immediately write a letter to our sponsor daughter, Lesbia, to spend those next moments encouraging her.  Another time I had to put the book aside to look at my daughter  while she talked to me, to let her know that she is heard.   Because, as Dr Stafford is urging the reader to understand, those moments are extremely important. 

And as it does so often happen, reading this book has me on the lookout for others, who take just a minute.   Recently at the dojo, the black belt instructor had to step away from the class.  Our 10 year old Petal Rose (higher ranking belt than the rest of us) was asked by Kyoshi to take the class through a kata.  That in itself could have been a terrible thing, she is a soft spoken, reserved young lady.   
It was the way in which he called her out, communicating with his tone and few words how confident he was in her ability to lead this part of the class.  And then, the beauty of the next moment.  It was time to do the kata again, and the instructors were back in place, Kyoshi asked Petal Rose to lead it again, because she had done it very well.

023Petal Rose's face grew a bit redder, but her shoulders rose a little higher, her back straighter, and her voice was a little stronger.

This momma's heart sung with joy, to know others can see the strength, ability and beauty in that quiet young lady. It is a blessing to see others sow encouragement into the hearts of my children. As I write these words, another thought enters my mind.

Watching others encourage my children blessed me with hope. As parents we are not in this alone. And when we pray for our sponsor children, and write to them, and tell them that they are beautiful and intelligent and loved, I realize, we are partnering with their families, communicating the same hope.

Hope, a powerful gift that can be given in Just a Minute.

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  1. Beautiful post friend. Thank you for sharing it. Off to go look for that book.



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