Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy Unfolding

Joy is God
and God is joy.

Joy doesn’t negate all other emotions;
joy transcends all other emotions.

to #798
Healthy children
Gracious Kyoshi
Cloud striped moon in the early morning
Blue light through the pinion branches
A time call to a friend
And a verse from friend for me to meditate on
Artisan bread
My medical alert bracelet has been returned!
Warm tea
Gift found behind a door ~ a warm hat for our windy walk
  Chocolate kisses and sweet daughters
Ballet Magnificat ~ Roaring Lambs, preserving salt in the world of dance, offering it back to the Creator of Dance.


  1. The Ballet Magnificat looks so beautiful! If I am not mistaken I believe one of my friends is hosting some of those girls. Thank you for your list today. I find it very uplifting to read through the links on Ann's blog every Monday.

  2. visiting from Ann's...chocolate kisses and sweet daughters - not a better combination in the world. Blessings to you as you number gifts.


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