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February Reads and Audio Books

Finding the time to read this month seemed to be more challenging, but when I look at the stack of books on my nightstand, I realized that I took on more books than usual.  Also, the Lord peeled back another layer or two from my sin soaked heart and I spent some time delving into the issues exposed by His gentle scalpel.  That lead to rabbit tail reading that isn't yet completed.

On the other hand the opportunities to listen to more audio books increased and that was spiritually encouraging and literary enjoyable.  Slowly, the 2012 booklist goal is decreasing, and the list of books read is increasing, very exciting!

The books that I read this month are:

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg, M.C., & Zoe Francois
This book has set on my shelf for some time, as I felt very intimidated by the whole idea of making bread without my trusty breadmachine (also named Zoe).  Reading this book and trying out the process is one of my goals for 2012. 

As I read the book this month and took a few notes, I realized that the recipe might not work for us, as we mill grain for flour, rather than using all purpose flour.  Our library has a few copies of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, so I picked one up and well, exciting stuff happened!  I plan to share more in the near future as I am hoping to post about the process of making the bread soon.

Entre Nous, A Womans Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl by Debra Ollivier ~ This book started out as a fun, light read at bedtime.  I enjoyed the first few chapters, and smiled often as I thought about a dear friend who is an American French Girl, or a French American, hmm, I don't know.  Anyway, she is a wonderful lady who has a sweet, different perspective on many things.  But then the book took a turn and the following chapters just were not enjoyable to me, so I gave myself the permission that I have to struggle hard for (with myself).  The book is on it's way back to the library, unfinished.

A Life that Says Welcome by Karen Ehnman.  This book has sat on my shelf for a few years.  It is one that Builder pulled out of the stack and suggested that I add to this year's reading goal.  It has been a very good, encouraging read. 

Beyond the Bedroom, Healing for Adult Children of Sex Addicts by Douglas Weiss.  Ph.D.  This book is written for the adult children of sex addicts.  Pretty heavy topic for this blog that is dedicated to sharing joy and hope.  But the heavy stuff of life is real, and in need of Joy and Hope.

In the last few weeks I read a blog post where a woman shared that during her journey to freedom she was told, "the coping devices one uses as a child, to protect and survive, become a straightjacket on the grown up child."  I wish I could remember where I read this and could link it for credit, but I haven't been able to find it again.

These words took me around a new bend on this journey of healing and transformation and I found this book helpful in unstrapping the straight jacket of my childhood coping devices.

Family Feasts for $75 A Week by Mary Ostyn
Midway through this book I thought to myself, one should read at least one cookbook a year.  There are many little tips shared in the book that I found helpful.  In particular was Mary Ostyn's breakdown on how to compile a price book.  Having heard of pricebooks in passing over the past few years, I had not figured out how to put one together, and wondered if they are really all that useful.  There are a few recent receipts in my wallet, waiting to be recorded in a spiral notebook, I am interested in testing out the use of a pricebook.

As is expected, we tried a couple of the recipes this past month.  My first attempt to make homemade pizza rolls this year was not altogether a flop, but I wasn't thrilled about the results.  The "Easy Pizza Rolls" recipe on page 91 has caught my attention and has been enthusiastically enjoyed by my family.

We will also try the recipe on page 97 for "Refried Beans", hoping for results that will replace the $1.25 per can beans at the grocery store.

Just a Minute by Dr Wess Stafford.  This book has been a powerful encouragement to me.  Reminding me, as did A Life that Says Welcome, the importance of seeing people, hearing them and speaking life into them.  To take those moments to bless, encourage, sharpen character.

Audio books that have enriched my life this month:

Luther, In His Own Words by Martin Luther, read by David Cochran Heath. This audio recording included
The Small Catechism
95 Theses

On Faith and Coming to Christ
On Confession and the Lord's Supper
Of the Office of Preaching
Excerpt from Luther's Tower Experience
The Last Written Words of Luther.

I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to hear this recording. David Cochran Heath read this material beautifully, making these sermons, words of wisdom gentle to listen to.

The sermons on confession and on communion were of specific interest to me, giving me further insight into the condition of the Faith & the knowledge, more the lack of knowledge of God's word, by the people during the time leading up to the Reformation. It was also very spiritually nourishing to hear strong doctrinal teaching on subjects that are common to Christians, but that I don't recall ever really being exposed to more complete or thorough teaching.

Forgotten God by Francis Chan, read by the author

This book encouraged me tremendously.  Opening my thoughts to the whole idea of a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit as an equally vital part of my life as the Father and the Son Jesus Christ.  It has been something I pondered in the past, how exactly does the Spirit fit into my prayer life, my times of worship ~ He seemed less tangible than the Father and the Son.

It is exciting to continue to think on, and I am looking in Scripture for the fulfillment of my desire to know the Triune God more and to better yield to direction in my life.

Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis,
Read by Chrissi Hart for her Readings from Under the Grapevine podcast.
The Chronicles of Narnia are published by Harper Trophy, A Division of Harper Collins, New York, New York.

If you are looking for an audio recording of the Chronicles of Narnia, I encourage you to click the link above.  Dr Chrissi Hart's reading of these rich books is simply lovely.

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