Monday, January 16, 2012

remembering...and imagining

This gratitude journey is growing, and showing up in places all around me.  It is contagious and I see it passing from one person to the next within the walls of my home, and at the dojo and across the miles.  It makes me more thankful, feeling that though I am small and frail and stumbling along, I can be a part of this magnificent happening.

Recently as we were winding down for the night I read this post by Katie Davis of Amazima. and my family gathers around, wanting to know what it is that has caught my breath. 

"Remember,” she mumbles sleepily, “I just want to remember. Some people don’t have a bed, mom. I didn’t have a bed, mom. God gave me a bed. And I wanted to remember what it was like to not have one.”

My heart wept, remembering, that I have always had a bed.  And I have complained about my bed. Have I ever even said thanks for a bed?  But I have offered up complaints that it is too soft, or too big.  And I only have slept on the floor or cold earth in fun.  Honestly I can't even imagine not having a bed.

We had the sweetest of prayer times that night, as each one of us could only think of the things for which we are thankful, around and around the prayer circle.

May we continue have our eyes opened, our senses awakened to the bountiful graces that surround us on every side, in every place.

   A warm cozy bed
   perfect pillows
   his warm feet snuggling my cold feet
     Pink mountain in the morning
    Sweet words of affection in the morning

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