Thursday, June 2, 2011

Planning for More ~ Happy Results

Last week I shared my joy over some recent lab results.

After conversing with Builder a few times about this topic (I was actually pretty excited) we've come up with a few more small changes to add to my daily life.  And I am planning on making an appointment in a year to see how those changes will affect these "numbers."

Continually increasing my water intake, and continuing to steer away from soda, sweeten drinks
Walking at least 3 times a week, Stretch & Strength 2 times a week
Going outside every morning that it is possible, to read for 15 minutes (vitamin d & Mother Nurture)
Taking a vitamin d supplement in our smoothies
Consistently taking a calcium supplement
Increasing the amount of soluable fiber in my diet (need to do more research on this one)

So tell me, are there small changes you are making in your life, with the hope to reap some happy results?

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