Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We love gardening here at Columbine Gardens and this year, with the new Square Foot Garden boxes that Builder built, it's even more fun, becuase it's more organized!  We have a few other delight sprinkle through the yards too...

At the very front of our veggie & herb garden Mae & Chica planted a cut flower bed and a sunflower bed.  We put in a geraniam, African daisy & some snapdragon plants from Lowes as well.  We are looking forward to fresh flowers for our table, and also welcome the bees & butterflies that might fly in for a visit.

the foliage on the snapdragons doesn't look healthy, but it is still blooming.  We're not sure, but maybe it is too hot in this part of the garden.  Mae & Chica sowed Bachelor Buttons and Hollyhocks in this box too.

Sunflower seedlings

Over by the bedroom windows we planted honeysuckle, two years ago.  One of the plants died during our absence last year, and we replaced it with this beauty
The other is slowly coming back and we are pleased to see it starting to reach for the trellis.073

074One of the Aspens that Builder planted a few years ago also died, but the other two are looking great now that they are all leafed out.

There are pretty daisies nodding their friendly welcome by the mailbox. 059
Years ago our oldest daughter grew a delightful daisy ring around a maple tree.  Those daisies were so pretty, and now daisies, Shasta Daisies actually, always bring Miss Sparkles right into my thoughts.


  1. Those daisies are gorgeous! We tried growing some from seed last year and only got the green part-no flowers!

  2. Oh, I hope that this year you will see blooms on your daisies :) The ones we've planted from seed have bloomed the second year.

  3. Frustrating when things die, isn't it? But it's part of the gardening process, it seems. :-) What you do have is looking great and those sunflowers will be up in no time!

    Thanks for linking up!
    An Oregon Cottage


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