Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only a piece of clay

Just this past week I had one of those times, where I left off a conversation with my FATHER with "I just don't get this LORD.  This is distasteful to me, it's so harsh and..." and the loving FATHER that He is, He gives me this response...

“I’m like a piece of clay trying to explain to other pieces of clay what the potter is like. Think about that for a second. It shows the silliness for any of us to think we are an expert on Him. Our only hope is that He would reveal to us what He is like, and then we can just repeat those things.” Francis Chan

No, my ways are not anything like HIS ways. HIS ways work, and my way so often doesn't, so often hurts people's hearts. Thank God for His great love and mercy.  Not that in this particular moment I thought that I really KNEW HIM, or that I was an expert in anything, but I had an opinion on HIS word.  What grace, this God, that would keep pursuing me with truth, rather than give me what I really deserve.

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