Monday, May 16, 2011

Grace Unfolding, Everyday

Life continues on, and sometimes at a pace that causes me to forget to write down on the list, the daily blessings, the daily evidence of grace so abundantly poured out.  One thing that I've noticed though, is the conversations, the verbal reminders to find the blessing, to unwrap the gift hidden or disguised, and to tell them to one another, even if we don't find pen and paper in that moment.

tidbits from #518 to 543

Hugs from daughters, so tight and full of love
Thunder and lightning
An upcoming baptism
Dog snuffles and laughter from the children
More books that we can read
Blossoms on the fruit trees
New berry and grape vines (she considers a field and buys it, or she looks at her big yard and choses fruitbearing landscape)
Exciting summer opportunities!
Cookies by Mae
Happy celebration of Grandma's 90th!

So very thankful that the seeking and finding of moments filled by grace and love and hope and joy isn't forgotten, even when the written list is for a time.

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  1. Great list. What a sweet picture for your grandmother's birthday.


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