Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this morning the cool morning air beckoned me out with Bible, journal, book, coffee and phone.  what stillness filled my busy mind as the coolness caused me to tuck my feet under me, and to pull on a sweater, as the chickadees tried to gather the scratch grain left by the chickens before "the dog" laughingly scatters them in his patrol through the yard.

i am so thankful for the gratitude community, for Ann's sharing her journey toward grace & learning to make the days count by counting the gifts.  even when life is crazy swirling around me, when the math book brings tears and the sweet extra children arrive before i've finished my first cup of coffee...the practice continues, my heart silently counts the gifts...and sometimes some of them get typed onto the list.

those which have been recorded this week: #558~571

Scripture memory box ~ how that little box helps us!
Dinner in the crockpot at 8am
Reading Leading Little Ones, again!
And Mr Popper’s Penguins, both with a new set of kiddos
Smores in the backyard
Baby birds cheeping
An opportunity to listen
Four extra little feet
Energetic boys EARLY
Herding chickens by harmonica
Mountain chickadees in the morning
Listening husband
Morning prayer times
Sleeping children

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