Thursday, March 3, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals Softener

In the mail we recently recieved a sample bottle of Purex Complete Crystals Softener.  It came at a great time as I have been replacing our laundry & kitchen cleaning products with those that are safer for the environment and better for our family's skin and I hadn't found anything to replace the fabric softners!

The first thing I noticed about the crystals is Less Mess!  Spills and sloshes happen, and liquid fabric softener get sticky and gummy when not immediately cleaned up.  It also tends to gum up the spot where we add it to our machine.  The crystals are easy to sweep up when spilled, and load right in with the clothes.

Our clothes felt lighter during the week that we tried the product, and I was thrilled to find that there was less static electricity in the clothes coming out of the dryer. 

I wanted to know how the product is better for the environment, so I spent some time in the Purex Website and watched a couple of the videos they have available.  I also found the ingredient listings and have included them below.  Click on any of the links in this post and they will take you to the information page & videos on the new Purex Complete Crystals.

All in all, I recommend Purex Complete Crystals and hope to have some coupons to share with you soon!

Fresh Spring Waters, A sensation of clean blue skies and spring breezes with line-dried fresh notes and clean florals.

Size & Loads  28 oz (32 loads)   55 oz (62 loads)
Ingredients~ Sucrose (Sugar), Bentonite (Clay), Peg Disterate (Blending Agent), Fragrance, Sanolin Blue (Colorant).

Lavender Blossom, A comforting scent that features fresh lavender wrapped in cozy, soothing vanilla.

Size & Loads  28 oz (32 loads) 55 oz (62 loads)
Ingredients~Sucrose (Sugar), Bentonite (Clay), Peg Disterate (Blending Agent), Fragrance, Sanolin Blue (Colorant), Sanoline Rhodamine (Colorant).

Tropical Splash, A scent that captures the beauty of exotic flowers intertwined with sumptuous fruits.
Size & Loads  28 oz (32 loads)

Ingredients~Sucrose (Sugar), Bentonite (Clay), Peg Disterate (Blending Agent), Fragrance, Sanolin Yellow (Colorant), Vitasyn Orange (Colorant).


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