Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting out of the Line of Bitter Women

So I come from a long line of bitter women.  And from a childhood of horrid abuse and neglect.  And the roots of bitterness sunk deep within my own heart as a young woman, choking the life right out of my life. I am so thankful, daily, moment by moment, of the journey of forgiveness and choosing of JOY that my HEAVENLY FATHER and precious husband are walking me through!

Over the last week I alluded to the fact that some scars had been rubbed raw, and were sore once again. 

But as I came out of that time of pain remembered, something new had sprouted from my heart.  Fresh roots of peace.  What happened is in the past.  What happened is forgiven and healed.  BUT, it is still a part of me.  Woven into my BEing like a part of the pattern in the fabric of a beautiful dress.  So the garment of life I wear is woven of all of my life.  And all of it, together, is becoming something beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your story Maribeth. And ANN, thank you for sharing yours daily and through your book. You are part of the landmarks and standing stones the LORD is walking me through on this journey of laying down bitterness and embracing joy, grace, mercy, gratitude.

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a few pieces of gratitude from my growing list #459-468

Hearing that my husband has placed his children’s hearts over his career.
Seeing that his employer moved the meeting.
Witnessing that God honors these priorities.
Hearing the harmonica play Silent Night (in March)
Hearing the harmonica and piano play When the Saints somewhat together.
Reading delightful stories from Mae’s pen.
Wearing the beautiful beaded bracelet of 3 strands, made in an evening by sisters.


  1. Unfortunately, I don't have the time I'd like to read through everyone's gifts this evening but I at least wanted to read through the gifts posted from the person ahead of me. Glad I stopped by ... sadly, it sounds like you and I come from similar backgrounds. I'm sure we could have a conversation or two ... :o/

    1. CntryMomma, I just subscribed to your blog, in hopes to revive this possible conversation. I apologize for neglecting to respond and thank you for stopping by to read the gifts granted in exchange for the pain past.

  2. I am sooooo glad I stopped by today. I know the Lord wanted me here to read your words and to hear your heart. Thank you! I, too, come from hiding in closets and hiding abuse. Most of my younger life was spent making sure my walls were secure and my heart was closed. But I learned forgiveness from the One who forgave me and I learned to let go as I began to trust the One who held me. I knew that at any moment that root of bitterness could grow back. I understand what you said about it all being a part of our past, woven deeply into the personhood of who we are. What a miracle it is when God can take it all -- ALL of it --- and somehow give us the gift of forgiveness and love. I can't tell you how glad I am to be here and to tell you that as a 63 year old woman, God never failed me, never judged me, never put me down, but rather always raised me up! Thank you for your post!!!!

    1. Never failed, never judged, yes and amen!

  3. There are days I feel like it will take a lifetime to tear down the walls I built up during my youth. Thank you for the tapestry image and for the reminder that God can make anything beautiful. You certainly are. I've never seen a trace of bitterness in you.. only faithfulness and child-like trust. You are beautiful.

    1. Much to long in coming, but thank you dear friend. Whether I am too good at hiding the ugly, or you have the eyes that simply see with love, I don't know. But I do know that it is He who will tear down the walls and blow the clouds from around our light. And in you I see light burning brightly.


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