Monday, March 7, 2011

A Break from Winter, A Gift to Count in Many Ways

Last week March strolled in, sunny, warm, wonderful!  I remember many sunny warm starts to March, releasing us from the deep chill of winter with a good dose of Vitamin D.  A kind gift from the Maker of all seasons and weather.
IMG_0018 (2)

The sunshine was a gentle reminder to me, to stroll a bit myself, with my children and just BE.  To walk the dog.

To twirl in the park,

to climb high,
IMG_0008 (2)

swing high

IMG_0022 (1)

and higher still
IMG_0003 (2)

and to bury feet in the sand
IMG_0012 (2)

and even to balance your sister on your arm IMG_0013 (2)

counting the love gifts of our Father with the gratitude community #418-440

Tea with my girls, made by my girls
Lemon cookies
Chicks in the sunlight
Pink sky
In like a lamb.
Girls on the monkey bars, playing hand clap games.
Card love from a much loved fun Aunt Heather (would you say a prayer for my sis and her family?  Such challenging times are upon them)
Morning doves calling
Sunshine through all the windows
Daughters, Sisters who love much


  1. I came over from Ann’s linky today. It’s day number two of reading thank you lists.

    And first – that’s an incredibly big daughter you have there – or one very very small one :)

    My fave from the list - Morning doves calling (I think I know those doves – at first they’re adorable with their little cooing – but it gets irritating after a awhile – but maybe yours are more polite) {Smile}

    Thank you for this today. It was happiness with punctuation.

    God Bless and Keep you and yours

  2. Tea with the girls made by the girls! My favorite today. Nothing better than sharing a cup of tea. Something I did with my grandmother when I was young. Always a precious memory!


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