Thursday, March 10, 2011

Backyard Chicken Adventure, Week 3

Week 2 with the chicks was pretty uneventful, thankfully!  So this is post 2 of the Backyard Chicken Adventure, but about week 3.

In in our parts, March came in like a lamb.  Beautiful blue sunny skies, little to no wind and 60 degree temperatures!  As I think about it, I remember many Marchs arriving in this way, and I'm bracing myself for the out like a lion that is probably to come.

So with that warm sun shining on the chicken enclosure, I decided to open up the hen house and let the chicks out. 

IMG_0013 (1)

They were so timid at first...and flitted about so much that it was difficult to get any pictures.  I actually had to shue the birds out, and block their way back in for a bit, to get them to see that it was a lovely thing to be in the fresh air. 

IMG_0012 (1) You can see that they are getting their feathers in.  It is very fun to watch the birds grow and we've all been excited over the new feathers.  Petal Rose and Chica are learning about birds right now in Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, so our chicks are a great supplement to all the reading about feathers, flight & anatomy and nests!

IMG_0011 (1) On Wednesday I noticed that the water in the 3 mason jar waters we have were running dry.  I pulled out the big 5 gallon water can and filled it up.  I've been worried about the birds falling in and drowning after that first one, but with all the flapping of wings and jumping I think the chicks will be alright.

IMG_0006 (1) On Wednesday evening I noted that I had filled the chick feeders every day and decided to fill the big feed bucket and start tossing them our scraps.  Thursday morning the chicks enjoyed strawberry tops with left over pumpkin waffles and a bit of  yogurt.  Thursday afternooon the scraps were all but gone, so I guess the chicks are ready!  That's a very excited development.  Fast processing compost!

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