Thursday, January 13, 2011

School Year 2010~2011, Term 1

School Year 2010, Term 1

Bible ~GOAL Bible Study

Scripture Memory

We are using the Scripture Memory System explained here, which works very well for all of us (Mom and Dad included)

Character/Personal Development

A Child's Book of Character

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends


Math U See (Beta)

Math U See (Gamma)

Math U See (Epsilon)

Language Arts

Analytical Grammar

English from the Roots Up ~ Greek Roots

Spelling Power, Spelling Wisdom

Primary Language Lessons

Italic Handwriting

Latin for Children

Poetry Memorization

Drawn into the Heart of Reading

Institute for Excellence in Writing

History & Geography

Middle Ages with the Simply Charlotte Mason History Module 4.

A Child's Geography, Explore HIS Earth


Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Flying Creatures (Chica & Petal Rose)

Exploring Creation with Botony (Mae)

Exploring Creation with Astronomy (all spread over 2 years)

Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers

The Story of Inventions

The Fairyland of Science

Moody Science DVD

Nature Study


Fallacy Detective

El Espanol Facil (Easy Spanish)

The Arts

Hymn Study

Composer Study ~ Handel

Art ~ God and the History of Art

Swimming, Bike Riding

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