Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing Your Compassion Sponsor Child

Today is the second Friday of the month!  The day that we as a family write to our Compassion sponsor children and draw pictures to send to them.

the beautiful Herlinda

and handsome Bryan

Over the years of sponsoring children, writing the letters has been a challenge for me.  Not knowing the child personally, and have so much distance between us seemed to leave me not knowing what to say.  But these Moody Bible Institute Scholars, Compassion sponsored children who have graduated, have some encouragement to share on the importance of writing these letters to the precious children we sponsor.  And so we just do it, and it has become a joyful activity for us each month.

Wanna join us in writing some letters and drawing a few pictures today?009

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  1. I love that you are promoting letter writing! It is the main focus of my ministry and my blog! Those letters are SO important!


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