Friday, February 18, 2011

Compassion's Special Olympic Athlete!

Emilda is an 18 year-old Compassion International sponsored child living in a squatter community in the Philippines.  She has the mental capacity of a three year-old. 
And she's fast!

Emilda competed in the Philippine Special Olympics in 2009 and did well enough to qualify for the World Special Olympics this summer, in Athens, Greece.

Emilda and her family

There's a problem though.  Neither Emilda's parents, nor the Philippine Government has the funds to send Emilda to Athens this summer.  And we would like to help Compassion International to raise the funds to her get there!

emilda-and-medals  The need is $19,857.  It's a huge sum of money, but with many working together, poverty will have to release it's hold and this precious girl can have the adventure of a lifetime!

Donations can be made  here.

and you can read more about Emilda and the Philippine Compassion Project she is a part of here.

Will you join us?

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