Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blueberry Orange Oatmeal

Soak 2 Cups Oat Grouts in Water overnight

In the morning,

drain the water
measure in 2 C orange juice (or 1C oj 1C water)
and bring to a slow boil. 

While waiting for the oat groats to boil, grate 1 orange, then slice and eat the orange, yum!

After the oat grouts have become soft, add about a cup of frozen blueberries ( or more if you really like them!) and the orange zest.

Let bubble a bit more for a minute or two til the liquid begins to look creamy, then serve.

This serves 4, with plenty for tomorrow!


  1. My Dan would LOVE this! thanks for sharing. Where do you get oat groats, I wonder.

    From post above, I see you have your builder man home! I hope you are having many wonderful moments!

    I love your profile picture - pretty!


  2. Thank you Leanne. Yes, Builder is home this week, but we put him back on the plane Sunday morning :(

    Oat groats. This fall I ordered steel cut and a mistake was made, they gave me oat groats. We order once or twice a month through a large coop in our area. You might try a health food store in your area, like Whole Foods.


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