Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Mail

Five Minute Friday: What’s the best mail you got recently – email, text, or snail mail? Take five minutes and illustrate with words how you felt opening it, reading it, or digesting it. Help us read it through your eyes...

The best mail I've received the mail I've missed.  The mail that is delivered to a Daddy who is home 1 week out of the month, and is great at living in the present.  All those paintings, handmade cards, bookmarks that are generated each week, day, hour...are lovingly laid on a pillow (his), the dresser (his side) and our bedroom doorknob (with To Daddy) and I feel a little slighted and start to think.

How do I wipe off the LOOK of "what do I do with one more piece of paper or woven piece of yarn" and exchange it with sincere gratitude in the moment of heart giving from those delightful young hearts in my home?

Today I'll create a space to display those pieces of art love, and allow the admiration to flow...right into the hearts of those precious people given to me.

Of course, I'll have to employ that wonderful Daddy to help me in this project...I'm not allowed to swing a hammer against any walls, as he has had the look of "one more piece of wall to patch" on his face a time or two.

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  1. Thanks, Michelle! Love how you turn it around to gratitude.

  2. i often struggle with receiving their beautiful masterpieces when all i can think is "oh no, not more junk!" it's good to know i'm not alone in that.

  3. Yes! Gratitude! How I wish I would have treasured more of it when my older kids were younger. . . especially from our son that is now in heaven. But then too . . . . WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THIS!!!


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