Monday, February 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts


318. Tea time with my girls

319. Expressive eyes telling me the story

320. One more hug

321. Another one’s one more hug

322. Electric blue, Marme, not bright blue

323. Freezer meals prepared

324. Another life to celebrate

325. Brisk walk with the dog.

326. The joy of sunshine & warmth, in January

327. Birds have found the feeders!

328. The sound of children playing in the sunshine, instead of reading history.

329. There is more time for history.

330. “I get it!” After watching the math lesson, again.

331. Colossians 1:1-3 is in my head

332. Household cleaners delivered to my door.

333. Herb garden in our living and learning room

334. Sisters reading together

335. Bookshelves, overflowing

336. Invitation for a short park visit with friends

337. Girls noticing notes to myself, and taking the challenge themselves

338. One by one, they ask me to pray

339. For Daddy to come home safe

340. For grandfathers to know Jesus

341. For a friend’s family’s house to sale, so they can move closer that which they need

342. He is home safe

343. Birthday celebrations with dearest friends

344. Puppy and kitten eating from the same bowl.

345. Remembering grace

346. School closure…the home school classes are cancelled too…giving us a puttering day at home. Such a gift.

347. Builder is home, and helping me with school. Chasing away the anxiety and “doneness” of this Marme.

348. Slower morning, time for a back rub.

349. Houseful of dog, puppy, kittens, cats, all playing and rolling around our feet.

350. Children getting an bit more snuggly sleep on this extremely cold morning.

351. Concern for the homeless on this extremely cold morning, and remembering, there is something I can do. Pray.

352. Very cold fruit & minerals smoothie, made with extra love because he made it

353. Hot showers on these very cold mornings

354. Builder’s gentle critique of our schooling routine. Kind words to spur me on to better use of our time.

355. Compassion International.

356. Sponsored kids, more kids to love and pray for.  Lesbia Herlinda

Bryan Marcello

357. Art & craft projects all over the place. Messy, but so beautiful.

358. Builder holding my hand as I let go of some of my to do list

359. A very productive, but less stressful week

360. Lavender soap

361. Dinner by Mae, from start to finish, with Builder and me doing the dishes after

362. Knitting needles & wool, while Builder reads North or Be Eaten

363. Delightful Date Night with my Beloved

364. Good books

365. Saturday, a day for rest and joyful pursuits

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