Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scripture Reading and Memorization ~ Accountability Partners?

The HoLiDays of Thanksgiving and God With Us have wrapped up and January is upon us.  With the new year comes the excitement of a plan.  A plan to read the Bible, all of it, soaking up it's entire God breathed profibility.

And also the awareness of my own weakness, forgetfulness, wandering off to do "good" things-ness.

This has me wondering, who would like to join me on this adventure, to encourage one another, to listen to verses, to discuss seedling thoughts?

I've picked up my One Year ESV Bible, reading the Old Testament passages myself in the morning, and the New Testament passages with my children later in the day...needing to find space for those Psalm and Proverb passages.

I"ve printed the booklet pages for Colossians and Philippians ~ the Scripture I desire to hide in my heart and mind this year. 

And I am wondering, will you join me on this venture?  Yes, I can pursue it on my own, but wouldn't it be delightful to journey together?

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