Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reading the Bible this Year, Update

I've been reading from The One Year Bible, NLT for the last 11 days, and I so miss MY Bible, so I am going back to MY Bible and using this plan. Amazing little pieces of God's character are jumping out at me each morning and I want to be able to take notes along those passages, adding to the journaling I've done with my Father over the years.

Yes, I do keep a journal, but there is something different about the notes I write in my Bible ~ that keep those quiet conversations with my PAPA fresh in my mind whenever I open those passages back up.

Do you write in your Bible?


  1. I feel the same. Last year I was reading on line and journaling there. There is just something about holding my Bible in my hands!

  2. I don't write in my Bible - but my husband does and his is strewn with post it notes as well...


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