Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nature Friend Magazine

Our children are hungry little readers, soaking up details and information from anything their eyes find to rest on. It has been a delight to leave Nature Friend magazine issues about, knowing there is a feast for the eyes of our young learners and also, for their souls. As our children read through Nature Friend, their thoughts are turned to the Creator of all. And that gives rest and joy to my heart :)

Nature Friend Magazine is offering a  discount on their subscriptions!

 with Coupon Code: Blog1113

 Opportunity is valid until June 30, 2011.

And as you take a look at the magazine, spend a few minutes looking around the site.  There are some great resources and opportunities for your young artists & writiers.

Disclaimer:  I am not in anyway affiliated with Nature Friend Magazine.  I'm just a mom looking for good stuff for my family, and I enjoy the exchange of information for that pursuit.

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  1. We love Nature Friend too. We have several old copies and I was just thinking the other day of getting a new subscription!
    : )


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