Thursday, January 20, 2011

Excitement! Letters!

In the summer we recieved word that the boy we sponsored through Compassion International since 1996 was graduating out of the program.  In September we sponsored two new kids!  This past week when we prayed for those precious children, I also began asking the Father if we could recieve a letter soon.

And SATURDAY's mail held not one, but two letters!  What excitement as we opened them over dinner, read the sweet words and looked at the wonderful drawings.

First Letters from New Sponsored Kids

Dinner was finished quickly and the girls went right to work in writing replies.  Well, Mae is writing a reply, Chica and Petal Rose broke out the markers, colored pencils and glitter glue and went to work creating some artlove.

Writing Back

Exchanging Artwork

We are excited to be starting this sponsorship adventure again.  We've seen 3 kids go through the program and grow up already.  I know that this is a wonderful opportunity to share with our 3 girls!

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