Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating Chica on her 8th Birthday


We celebrated Chica's 8th Birthday with a Medieval Feast.


The preparations for this party started in Canada, before we moved back home.  We bought 2 flat sheets from Walmart, made a simple paper pattern and sewed up tunics as part of the theme.

The day before the party, Petal Rose helped decorate the castle cake. 


The whole week before the party, Mae wove floral wreaths for each of us and the guests.


Aren't they beautiful?!  Mae and Petal Rose really took part in preparing for this party and for making it a wonderful success!


The little blue monster sitting there on the table served as the dragon for the party.  He sat on a trap over a fair puppet maiden and the lovely princess knights fought him blindfolded to rescue their friend.

When the guests arrived, it was early afternoon and everyone was hungry, so we started with our Medieval Feast.  There were Roasted Chicken Legs, Cold Fruit, Veggies, Bread & Butter, and a Pink Lemonade.

Each of the girls drew a sword from the stone when they arrived, and recieved their "title".  We had Lady Ice of Cream, Lady Sun of Shine, Lady Lolli of Pop, Lady Razzle of Dazzle, Lady Slice of Orange and Lady Roe of Petal. The Ladies made  Coat of Arms to pin to thier tunics.


Mae entertained by twisting balloon swords and shields.  And we had beautiful time period music playing, that we had found on iTunes.

Chica had a wonderful time, esp being back home and being able to celebrate with some good friends.  I am so blessed by this little surprise child and enjoying who she is growing into more everyday.  Chica is a fireball of delight!

Mae and Petal Rose really took a large part of the planning and preparing upon themselves.  It is exciting to see how able and willing they are to help, and how creatively they can do it!

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  1. How completely WONDERFUL!!!!!
    This is something your daughters will cherish their whole lives!
    What a gift!
    Happy Birthday, Chica!
    How fun to be 8!


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