Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Goals

GOAL #1 ~ To read through the Bible, using this schedule.

GOAL #2 ~ To continue to memorize Scripture with my children using this method.  And to also memorize Colossians with the Colossians in a Year facebook group.

GOAL #3 ~ To Read 24 books (2 per month)  This seemed to lofty a goal at first, but I really want to make my way through the shelves of good books I've bought for my personal learning pursuits.  Now I am finding all kinds of spots in my weekly routine to be able to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading.  Sitting at the orthodontist, waiting in the car after Ballet, during our daily quiet time, just for bed.  I am excited at the possibilities!

GOAL #4 ~ To get more fit & work consistently with our 2 dogs, to help them learn to be pleasant companions to our famiily.  Within this goal I plan to get in cardio exercise 5 times a week at the least.  I'll also be swimming 2 mornings a week, and doing yoga 3 mornings a week, but with the dogs I plan to do the weight bearing cardio that is needed several times a week!

Little hopes~ To learn to knit socks! and to make a denim picnic quilt

I don't mean to bore anyone who might wander over to this blog with these details...You all have your own things to keep up with.  I am just finding that my blog is a great place to keep those "pieces of paper" and "journal entries" easy to find :)


  1. Love your goals! I have some similar ones. I am also working on reading through the Bible in a year. I don't have a plan though - just reading. So far though, it's doing well. I'm loving my reading and am excited about my time in the word. Yeah God!!!

    I'm also trying to exercise a little (and I do mean little) bit each day.

    I'm also reading more (and blogging less), though don't have a number goal. Didn't even think of it, but like yours! I may try to do that too. I'm finishing up my second book of the month now so maybe I can do this. (Or just get ahead. LOL)

    Hugs to you friend!

  2. Hi! I just happened to wander over here from the Simple Woman's Blog. You didn't "bore" me at all. I loved reading all of your goals for 2011. I will be back. Debbi

  3. Thank you Leslie and Debbi for the encouragement!


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