Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrating relationships, a Gift of our Creator

252. Hope.

253. Peppermint Café Mocha, half sweet. A treat.

254. Sleepy “good mornings

255. Anticipation

256. Cable internet! No data counter clicking away!

257. Audio books

258. Fellowship with dear friends.

259. Laughter

260. My friend Tami’s eyes, sparkling at her beloved, while we all converse.

261. Safe travel for Builder to BC and for us driving to KS and back home again.
262. Hugging my sister and dad as she cried on his shoulder. Truly miraculous! Friends, it sounds simple, but it is no small thing the LORD has done in these relationships!

263. Cousin laughter ~ I never knew these kinds of relationships and am loving watching my girls and my sister’s kids build deep friendships.
Friendly beatings

It doesn't matter how old any one is, or whether they are boy or girl, they are each and all friends.

Ice cream dessert before bed


Celebrating the BABY of the Family

264. Christmas lights, reminding me of the Light of the World, who ignites light in those who choose Him.

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