Monday, November 8, 2010

The Gifts Unending

232. Builder’s chicken soup.

233. Warm sweaters, my favorite is purple.

234. Comfort from the Holy Spirit, as He changes my thinking.

235. Singing hymns together on the way home.

236. Sweet child sharing pieces of the Word of Life with another sweet child, while splashing and playing in the water.

237. Children playing creatively!

238. Free audio Bible downloads.

239. Scripture set to music.

240. Tickets to travel home

241. Audio books on the Nano

242. Firewood

243. Hot water

244. Puppy snuggles

245. Sleeping children

holy experience


  1. Scripture set to music -- I love that too. :)

    And sleeping children . . . I smile as I listen to my toddler calling to night-night to her stuffed doggie in her crib as she's supposed to be taking a nap. But I'm thankful for that too.

  2. This is beautiful . . . so many have said warm sweaters today! ENJOYED!

  3. oh. our hearts speak the same language... I'm thankful for those same things when they happen at our house! ;)

    amy in peru


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