Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wonder of It All

Just a handful of weeks ago, the wasps flew, stung
 even after we had sprayed and knocked down nests from the eaves of the house,
Coming up the hill from the trees, that hid their "base."
Now the trees are bare, and Builder takes a walk with the two youngest. 
And, crunching on the dried leaves of earlier camouflage, they find it.
The abandoned NEST.

But rather than fear and disgust,
After the numerous painful welts, tears,

Comes awe, a wonder...

And this morning I think,
we don't have to understand it,
we don't have to deny the pain

To acknowledge the wonder of it all.

holy experience

#203 to 210 on my List of Everyday Thank Yous to the Father of Lights.

203. Recess

204. A hubby who will look at the schedule with me and with his gentle wisdom, steer me.

205. A freezer full of wild game, from a neighbor.

206. Poetic voices in through the windows.

207. Productive day at work for Builder.

208. Huge, abandoned paper wasp nest treasure.

209. Safe ride home at dusk, with wildlife along the highway.

210. The puppy is almost back to his active puppy self. Eating & drinking and wagging his tail this morning!

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