Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snapshot Summary ~ Weekending October 2, 2010

My second week in joining in the Snapshot Summary.
Hoping this will be a wonderful photographic memory box of the beauty in ordinary days...

Sunday, September 26
We had a delightful time of family worship in the morning, before breakfast, arriving just a little late to the meeting house in town.  I was invited on an early morning walk.

Monday, September 27
Most of the rest of our school books arrived!
And I realized that we are out of bookshelf space...

Tuesday, September 28
The wind BLEW and BLEW
So the children stayed mostly in...
Chica's Puppet Theater/Post Office/Corner Store

Mae prepared a wonderful dinner of Spaghetti & Salad

Wednesday, September29, 2010
Builder was home for breakfast, having a meeting in a nearby town.
We continued the week's lessons, the new schedule working beautifully!  Getting all the "mom intensive" work done in the morning is helping.

And surprise!  Builder was back home as I prepared lunch, able to work from home AND join in another new part of our schedule, a 45 minute, head on pillow, eyes closed quiet time required for all in the house.
His quiet time lasted about 75 minutes.

We finished lessons and the girls headed out and...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The last day of September 2010.  We finished lessons early and ...

Friday, October 1 (October??!!)

A very good day.  We slept in, spent time in the Word, Builder cooked breakfast, and we headed out

for a day in the "big town."

We had a little shopping to do, and then swimming!

The pool in our town has been closed for about a month and I have really missed my lap swimming.
There are only a few pictures of our day, taken during the 4 hours of driving this day's outing cost our tires.

And when we weren't holding hands :)  This is what I was working on...

A beautiful end to to the work week!


  1. : )
    What a wonderful week!
    Thanks for sharing!


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