Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snapshot Summary Week #3 ~ October 23

Monday evening, October 18,, the girls work on their sketches for Sketch Tuesday.  This is a new favorite activity, giving the girls a way to share their artwork, and appreciate the work of others.
The pup is getting somewhat better, but does end up at the Vet's office again.  This time, he also recieves "puppy shots" and over the next few days becomes very sick and we fear we may be loosing him.

A photo doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday, October 19 Chica is mesmerized by the sunrise.

Once or twice a week, during our trip to town to pick up mail, we go past the Rec Centre to see how things are going.  This day was a screamin' excitin' day!  The slide installation has begun!

The first pumpkins I've seen in stores up here, sitting with some pretty pieces I found on clearance at the Safeway in Dawson Creek.

The Beaver Lodge at the Mill Pond.  A very different scene than we've seen since we have arrived.

Three more flowers found

That pretty smiling girl made Marme a daisy chain bracelet.

We didn't know that this walk/ride was the last before the snow was to start.

We finally set to work painting these pretty little pumpkins.

A little glitter.  of course.

And what could we possibly do with these pretty apples?
And these?

No pictures, but oh were those caramel apples good.  And a balm to these homesick Colorado girls.  We have sorely missed the longer sunnier summer slide into fall of home.  These little things were fun.

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  1. oh my. I especially love the daisy bracelet and the caramels... I wish we had caramels... well, I'm better off without them of course! ;)

    Thank you for joining me on the snapshot summary! I know you and yours will be so glad you documented these memories! :)

    I know I am...

    amy in peru


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