Monday, October 11, 2010

A Multitude...

184. Faithful, hard working husband.

185. Children on a hike with Dad.

186. Mom uses the time to work on an edited schedule.

187. The privilege to pray with others. To extend further the grace & promise that has been extended to me.

188. Health Insurance & Medical Savings Account

189. A visit from a new friend, with a dish of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.

190. Stayed awake for all of the readings! God inspired new schedule 

191. Beloved arrives home before the sun sets.

192. Children excited about learning.

193. Days of Gold

194. Thrift store finds, perfect costume pieces for the Knight, the Swiss Maiden and the Red Riding Hood as they act out favorite stories.

195. Victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever.

196. He's bought me. He's teaching me. With His redeeming grace.

197. Joyfully rejoicing in the situational victory of this moment, where my scolding stopped before the words left my mouth, and HIS words flowed.

198. Through Ginger Plowman’s writings, rejoice with me?

199. A restful night in a hotel room, a warm shower.

200. Returning home to find the power is restored, and the water is flowing once again.

201. A puppy’s rubber bones. Hit by the truck, sore and moving slowly, but his spunk is returning.

202. Good friends who remind me, it’s okay to be worn out from the above.

holy experience

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