Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Multitude of Gifts

Will you please?

Head down the lane?

Stretch the legs

Breathe in the last hint of summer short, turning now to brief autumn...

Find traces of summer wonder still in things small...

And squeeze out the very last bit of a long weekend.

holy experience

144. Continued opportunities to speak truth into lives, into the life of a stranger and into the lives of family loved ones. And the boldness HE is giving me to do it.

145. Builder is home a bit early again, time for read aloud, looking into more orphan ministry, future hopes as well as extra playtime with the sweet children.

146. The paintbox that God uses, to color the days. His work is beyond the word beautiful.

147. Hope. Answers in the unexpected places.

148. Strong health, strength to do the work, to enjoy the play, to soak up the rest.

149. Another day to learn to do right, to seek Holy.

150. Bubbly laughter, happy barks, a pack of dogs who claim this family.

151. Finding a church body to join, to take part in the Journey together.

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