Friday, September 10, 2010

The Well is DRY...

Words that have struck fear in the lives of people, people who struggle against the elements of Earth to live, to raise families, to survive.

The Well is DRY.

Words we heard this week, after the tap stopped flowing.  Then started sputtering, bringing forth small streams of water tinted red with minerals and dirt.

And in this insulated place of abundance the words do not strike fear, but inconvenience.  We will need to use paper plates and the grill more.  We will continue to haul our drinking/cooking water from town in those large clean bottles.  We will haul our mountains of laundry to the town laundry mat.  In a clean, mechanically sound, comfortable, but only has a tape deck, not a cd player or entertainment system, minivan which only has HEAT or COOL air, we have to change it each season. 

INCONVENIENCE that we often think of as NEED, SUFFERING. 

The dogs will have to wander down to the pond, mud puddles, ditches for a drink.  Maybe the landlord will have water trucked out here.

No one will suffer from thirst or filth.  No sense of desperation.  No disease will creep through our homes as a result.

How does this happen to us, and we get to play pioneer?  

What do I do with this when all my insulating comfort and wants that claim to be needs surround  me so loudly that my desperation for Jesus is dimmed. 

That my heart poured out in Jesus' name  looks like a dirty trickle from a dry well?

Psalm 116:12
What shall I render to the Lord?
for all his benefits to me?

I will lift up the cup of salvation
and call on the name of the Lord.

May HE fill the well, that it would run with love and life in His name. 

JESUS, open my eyes.  this is my desperate need. 

Not food, not water, not shelter or clothing.  but JESUS. 


  1. You are a blessing, Michelle. I like your perspective on a hard situation. God is good all the time.
    You didn't grumble, you didn't complain, instead you gave glory to God.
    Yes, a blessing!


  2. Just yesterday we experienceda lack of water which I thought was the well running dry. What fear it struck in my heart - but as you say, not fear of disease or death. The fear of inconvience. The fear of more to do to get the same things done as I would with water in the house. The fear of just not enough...water, or time. I pray to get more perspective like that you have shown here!


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